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How to Get Into Berkeley Haas School of Business: mbaMission's Insider's Guide

How to Get Into Berkeley Haas School of Business: mbaMission's Insider's Guide

The Berkeley Haas School of Business is known for its tight-knit community and being at the “heart of what’s next” with its proximity to Silicon Valley. Haas has some of the most robust offerings in technology/innovation, social impact, DEI, and sustainability/cleantech. But with fewer than 300 students per class and less traditional essay prompts, securing a spot at Haas is not an easy task. So, what does it take to get into Haas? 

So, we already mentioned that Haas is among the smallest of the major MBA programs, and in an environment like that, culture can truly be curated. So, what is Haas culture and what does it mean for you? Interestingly, Haas declares itself to be the most “distinguished by culture” business school - it prides itself on living its defining leadership principles - which are… question the status-quo, confidence without attitude, student always and beyond yourself. Meantime, the program strives to not just teach management skills but to achieve societal progress via innovation, inclusion, and sustainability. So, you shouldn’t pander to these principles but you should certainly be aware of them if you are going to apply to Berkeley-Haas. As you consider what you intend to say to the school, ask yourself if you are manifesting these values - how have you been inclusive? Innovative? Humbly challenged the status quo?

How To Get Into Berkeley Haas

Download your copy to learn more about

  • Class size: Smaller versus Larger
  • Curriculum: Flexibly versus Mandatory Core
  • Pedagogy: Lecture versus case method
  • Academic Specializations/Recruitment Focus: Resources and Employers
  • Professional Specializations
  • Location: Urban Campus versus College Town
  • Facilities: Shaping the Academic/Social Experience
  • Alumni Base: Opportunities to Engage
  • Rankings and Reputation: Important Metrics or Arbitrary Measures?
  • The Dean: Ann Harrison
  • Notable Professors and Unsung Heroes
  • Social/Community Life
  • Academic Summary
  • Admissions Basics
  • UC Berkeley Haas Essay Tips, 2023-2024
  • Class Profile (Class of 2024)
  • Employment Statistics (Class of 2022)

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