Services: HBS Intensive Interview Simulation

Predicting exactly what questions you will be asked in your Harvard Business School (HBS) interview is impossible, given the dynamic nature of the meeting and the school’s individualized approach, but this does not mean you cannot prepare to navigate the interaction effectively and increase your chances of leaving your desired impression! To help candidates do this, mbaMission is proud to offer our HBS Intensive Interview Simulation with Devi Vallabhaneni, a veteran interviewer with years of experience interviewing hundreds of HBS candidates. Through this intensive simulation, you will have the opportunity to experience an HBS-like interview, demystifying the process and enabling you to approach your real HBS interview with competence and confidence

The HBS Intensive Interview Simulation includes the following:

  • Two 30-minute interview experiences customized to your application. Before your first session, Devi will spend several hours reviewing your written application, following the same process she used when conducting candidate interviews for HBS. This allows her to target her questions based on what she discovers about you from your application.
  • Personalized feedback. After each interview session, Devi will provide you with targeted feedback, talking you through her impressions and offering strategic advice for improving your HBS interview skills.
  • Reflection period. You will have a break between your first and second interview so that you can take time to internalize the feedback and to adjust and prepare accordingly before trying again.

In-person interviews will be held on select Saturdays and Sundays in New York City. Online/Webcam interviews will be scheduled individually.

Please choose your preferred service/date from the drop-down menu. We will follow up with you shortly to complete your registration.

If you purchase before interview invitations have been sent out and you do not receive an interview invitation, you can cancel your purchase and receive a refund.

We will also maintain a wait list so that as sessions become available, candidates can reserve a simulation time with Devi.

Applicants who would like additional practice time with Devi after the HBS Intensive Interview Simulation can purchase single 60-minute mock interview sessions. These will be conducted over the phone.

*Note: Current mbaMission “Start-to-Finish” Package clients will be eligible for a $500 discount for the In-Person HBS Intensive Interview Simulation and a $400 discount for the Online/Webcam Simulation. Current mbaMission “Start-to-Finish” Package clients will also have access to a complimentary, exclusive HBS interview workshop hosted by Devi.

Devi does not provide post-interview reflection support. For post-interview reflection support, consider purchasing either A la Carte Hourly Services or our standard HBS Mock Interview and Post Interview Support with another mbaMission Senior Consultant.