Services: HBS Intensive Interview Simulation

Predicting exactly what questions you will be asked in your Harvard Business School (HBS) interview is impossible, given the dynamic nature of the meeting and the school’s individualized approach, but this does not mean you cannot prepare to navigate the interaction effectively and increase your chances of leaving your desired impression! To help candidates do this, mbaMission offers an HBS Intensive Interview Simulation with Devi Vallabhaneni, a veteran interviewer with years of experience interviewing hundreds of HBS candidates.

What is included? 

  • Through this intensive simulation, you will have the opportunity to experience an HBS-like interview, demystifying the process and preparing you to approach your real HBS interview with competence and confidence.
  • Before your first session, Devi will spend several hours reviewing your written HBS application, following the same process she used when conducting candidate interviews for HBS.
  • After each interview session (you may choose how many you would like in the drop-down menu to the right), Devi will provide you with targeted feedback, talking you through her impressions and offering strategic advice for improving your HBS interview skills. She will then give you “homework” intended to help you practice articulating and verbalizing various aspects of your background.
  • You will have sufficient time between your interview sessions to internalize Devi’s feedback and adjust accordingly before practicing with her again.

How does it work?

  • The HBS Intensive Interview Simulations are conducted online via webcam.*
  • Interviews are scheduled individually at mutually agreed upon dates and times.
  • You can choose to begin practicing for your HBS interview as soon as you submit your application or wait until you receive an interview invitation.
  • Think of each mock interview session with Devi as a “verbal draft” you will build on until you feel confident you will be able to shine no matter who your interviewer is or what they ask of you.

Who is the HBS Intensive Interview Simulation for?

This intensive interview simulation may be for you if you

  • are nervous about the dynamic nature of the HBS interview.
  • are generally uncomfortable interviewing or have not had a lot of experience talking about yourself.
  • have not done much public speaking or made many executive-level presentations.
  • are an HBS reapplicant.
  • work in a small corporate environment or family business.
  • work in a technical field or role and need help presenting yourself strategically.
  • are an ESL applicant and want additional practice using business English in a high-stakes situation.
  • are an overrepresented applicant and want to refine how you present yourself.

What Past Clients Are Saying About Devi's HBS Intensive Interview Simulation

Devi is an extremely talented interviewer who helped me become a significantly better interviewee in just three 1hr long sessions. Through honest and direct feedback, Devi wasted no time and gave me exactly what I needed to hear in order to improve in just 3 sessions over the course of 2 weeks. I felt much more confident at the end of the process. More importantly, I came away feeling I’ve learned skills that would benefit me for the rest of my life in business and beyond! I highly recommend Devi to anyone who wants to improve their interview skills.
Looking back, I can say for sure that choosing to work with Devi was the best decision I have made during the preparation for my HBS interview. Devi not only helped me to obtain a deep understanding of the interview process, but step by step worked with me to build my confidence, by emphasizing equally my strength and the areas I needed to improve.
Working with Devi was a fantastic experience! She helped me self-reflect to extract impactful stories related to my resume and taught me the right approach to connect my different stories. Most importantly, she trained me not to sound “scripted”! Although I practiced with Devi for HBS, her preparations paid dividends. I leveraged her approach during my interviews with other top schools and, thanks to her, I also got admitted to Stanford and Wharton!!! Working with Devi is the best investment ever!!!

*If you prefer an in-person interview session, please contact for fees and scheduling options.

**Current mbaMission Complete Start-to-Finish Package clients are eligible for a complimentary, exclusive HBS interview workshop with Devi.

***Devi does not provide post-interview reflection support. For post-interview reflection support, consider purchasing either hourly services or an HBS Mock Interview and Post-Interview Support session with a different mbaMission Senior Consultant.