Services: Wharton Team-Based Discussion Simulation

To help clients prepare for The Wharton School’s challenging Team-Based Discussion, we are pleased to offer our Team-Based Discussion Simulation. Conducted in a secure online environment, using first names only, this group interview simulation gives you the chance to experience the following:

  • Working as a group with three to five fellow business school applicants
  • Expressing your own ideas in a group environment
  • What the actual Wharton Team-Based Discussion might feel like

The 90-minute session will be conducted and observed by two of mbaMission’s consultants so that they can give you direct feedback on your performance as part of the session. Designed to give you peace of mind for the actual Team-Based Discussion that can only come from having experienced the process before, our feedback will focus on the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills

Our consultants will let you know where you excelled in the Team-Based Discussion process and identify any red flags to address before your actual Wharton interview.

To participate, you must have already been invited to interview at Wharton. When you register, we will ask for your interview date, time, session and location to ensure no overlap among session participants in the actual interview.

Refer to the menu on the right for the 2023–2024 Round 2 schedule!

What Past Clients Are Saying About Our Wharton Team-Based Discussion Simulation

mbaMission’s Wharton Mock Interview helped prepare me for the unexpected nature of a group discussion. I was able to effectively apply the best practices I learned during the session, and as a result felt more confident in the presentation of my arguments and delivery of my ideas during the interview.
I just finished the mock TBD. Wow. That was phenomenal. Invaluably useful to have a dry run before the real thing. Feedback about the group and individuals, as well as dynamics of the overall event and what to expect, was incredibly helpful. I hope I get as great a group on interview day as I did today.
Thanks for that opportunity to participate in a mock team based discussion! It was definitely really helpful. This was definitely a very new, fun, but also challenging experience!


Group BB: Saturday June 1: 3-4:30pm $700
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