Services: Mock MBA Interview Sessions

Congratulations! You have progressed to the interview portion of the MBA application process and will soon meet with a representative from your target MBA program, so now is the time to start preparing for this important step. Let us help you gain confidence and interview experience with an in-depth preparation session!

Individual Mock Interviews

In our individual MBA interview preparation sessions, you will meet* with an experienced mbaMission admissions advisor who has read either your entire application or just your resume, depending on the approach the school with which you are interviewing prefers, and who will use actual questions your target school’s interviewers have posed to previous applicants. You will therefore be able to familiarize yourself with the content and style of a typical interview at that program and practice forming and presenting effective responses. Through Q&A, feedback, and thorough planning, we can help you improve the content of your answers, your time-management skills, and your overall presentation.

Video Essay and Video Interview Prep Service

Spontaneous recorded video essays and interviews are an innovation some business schools now use to get to know candidates better. Our straightforward, three-part process will help you prepare to master these challenging (even fun!) new application components:

  1. Get camera ready – We offer our best practices for effectively arranging your computer/environment to ensure that you project maturity and professionalism.
  2. Review on your own – We provide you with actual questions from past video essays/interviews that you can use to independently practice and improve your improvisation skills.
  3. Practice with an mbaMission Senior Consultant – Most importantly, we create a live simulation of your target school’s video essay/interview and work with you one-on-one to ensure that you can comfortably—and confidently—relax, be yourself, and improvise on camera.

Here is how it works:

  • Your consultant will start by reviewing your business school application and resume.
  • Your consultant will then prepare a list of questions to ask you that your target program has posed to other candidates in recent interviews.
  • You will meet* with your consultant for a mock interview. The interview and subsequent debrief typically take approximately 45 minutes.
  • During the debriefing, your consultant will go over what the school tends to look for during interviews, explain how to respond to different types of questions (e.g., overview, behavioral, weakness, school choice), assess your strengths, and identify potential areas for improvement.
  • After the mock interview, your consultant will be available by email for any interview-related follow-up questions.
  • You will receive a complimentary copy of an mbaMission Interview Primer for your target school (if available).

In total, the process generally takes two to three hours (not including any preparations you do on your own), but this is not a time-delimited service. If your consultant needs more time to prepare, or you have additional questions after your mock interview, this is all included!

For Harvard Business School Mock Interview support, including assistance with the Post-Interview Reflection, please click here.

For an Intensive Interview experience with veteran HBS interviewer Devi Vallabhaneni, please click here.

For Wharton Team-Based Discussion Simulations, please click here.

*Mock interview sessions are conducted via phone or Skype.


With Senior Consultant

For clients working with Melissa Blakeslee, Michael Guttman, Julie-Anne Heafey, Cat Ho, Kimberly Hoey, Susan Kaplan, Jen Kedrowski, Susan McInerny, Melissa Merchant, Lynn Moloney, Christine Patel, Kate Richardson, Gavriella Semaya, Harold Simansky, or Nisha Trivedi

First interview session $900
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Second interview session $750
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Two-interview package (Save $125) $1,500
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Video essay/interview session $800
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With Managing Director

For clients working with Rachel Beck, Debbie Choy, Heidi Granner, Harshad Mali, Krista Nannery, or John Sisk

First interview session $1,200
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Second interview session $1,000
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Two-interview package (Save $150) $2,050
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Video essay/interview session $1,000
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With Executive Directors

For clients working with Katharine Lewis, Jessica Shklar, or Devi Vallabhaneni

First interview session $1,500
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Second interview session $1,300
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Two-interview package (Save $150) $2,650
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Video essay/interview session $1,200
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