Services: HBS Mock Interview and Post-Interview Reflection Support

HBS Interview Preparation

Congratulations! You have progressed to the interview portion of the application process and will soon be meeting with a representative from Harvard Business School (HBS). Now you must prepare for this important step. Why not build your confidence before this unique interview experience with a specialized preparation session?

Individual Mock Interview

In our individual interview preparation session, you will speak* with an experienced mbaMission Senior Consultant who has been specially trained in HBS’s interview approach by our HBS Interviewer in Residence, Devi Vallabhaneni. Your consultant will have read your entire HBS application and prepared customized questions based on your candidacy. In the session, you will have a chance to experience what an HBS interview feels like. Through Q&A, feedback, and thorough response planning, we will help you improve the content of your answers, your time management skills, and your overall presentation.

Post-Interview Reflection

HBS asks all interviewed applicants to write a post-interview essay and submit it within 24 hours of their interview. This essay has no word limit, and HBS suggests that candidates think of it as an email they would write to a friend or colleague, rather than as a formal essay.

As part of our targeted HBS interview package, an mbaMission consultant will help you strategize your approach to this special essay. Your consultant will also review a draft of the essay and provide feedback intended to assist you in making it stronger and more effective. Please note that because the HBS Admissions Office explicitly states that applicants are not to write anything in advance or receive outside help with this essay, your mbaMission consultant will not edit your writing but will instead offer detailed strategic direction via comments only. Given the 24-hour deadline, we will suspend our contracted two-business-day turnaround for this essay. You and your consultant will determine a schedule that accommodates both your needs and the school’s deadline.

*Mock interviews are conducted via phone or Skype. In-person mock interviews may be available for a $100 surcharge.

For an Intensive Interview experience with veteran interviewer Devi Vallabhaneni, please click here.


With Senior Consultant

HBS Mock Interview (Phone or Skype) and Post-Interview Reflection Support $900
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With Managing Director

HBS Mock Interview (Phone or Skype) and Post-Interview Reflection Support $1,200
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