Services: Pre-Application Strategy

Profile Preparation Coaching

As you approach your business school applications and prepare for this incredibly important step in your life, having a long-term plan in mind and benchmarks to achieve is crucial. We can help you navigate this stage of the admissions process so that when the time comes to differentiate yourself, you will have a host of professional, community, and personal achievements to draw on.

Designed for applicants who are six to 24 months away from applying, this service offers comprehensive, ongoing coaching with one of our MBA admissions experts.

  • We start with a comprehensive profile assessment conversation, during which your consultant will help you determine your strengths and, more importantly, your weaknesses.
  • After that assessment, your consultant will then create an action plan of concrete steps you can take to mitigate any shortcomings by the time you apply.
  • Over the next several months, you can schedule two 30-minute phone call sessions with your consultant to check in on your action plan or discuss any questions you may have.  You can initiate these calls at any point simply by emailing your consultant to schedule them.
  • During these calls, your consultant can also help you make important life and career decisions, assessing how each decision may affect your overall application profile. For example, if you are choosing between projects at work, your consultant can assist you in analyzing the impact of each option on your candidacy.
  • If you need more time, you can purchase individual hours.
  • By planning ahead, you will maximize your chances of MBA admissions success.

Clients who sign up for a 3+ school package after using this service will receive $500 off the package price if they work with a Senior Consultant, $600 off if they work with a Managing Director, or $700 off if they work with an Executive Director. Clients must work with the same consultant whom they worked with on their Profile Preparation Coaching in order to receive the discount.


With Senior Consultant

For clients working with Melissa Blakeslee, Michael Guttman, Julie-Anne Heafey, Cat Ho, Kimberly Hoey, Susan Kaplan, Jen Kedrowski, Susan McInerny, Melissa Merchant, Lynn Moloney, Christine Patel, Kate Richardson, Gavriella Semaya, Harold Simansky, or Nisha Trivedi

Profile Prep $1,700
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With Managing Director

For clients working with Rachel Beck, Debbie Choy, Heidi Granner, Harshad Mali, Krista Nannery, or John Sisk

Profile Prep $2,300
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With Executive Directors

For clients working with Katharine Lewis, Jessica Shklar, or Devi Vallabhaneni

Profile Prep $2,700
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