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Kellogg is just a marketing school.
Columbia is only for finance types.

MBA applicants tend to view the leading schools as stereotypes, thereby targeting some programs and bypassing others based on what they think the schools have to offer—but all the top programs are much more dynamic than you might suspect. We created our Insider’s Guides to provide a more comprehensive picture of the resources, environments, activities, and communities at each school, so you can choose the program that is truly best for you.

Informed by firsthand insight from students, alumni, program representatives, and admissions officers, each guide offers detailed descriptions of the following:

  • Defining characteristics of the school’s location, class size, curriculum, teaching methods, facilities, alumni base/involvement, and rankings
  • Courses, experiential opportunities, faculty, and clubs related to MBAs’ most common career areas (consulting, finance, entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • The admissions committee’s stance on GMAT/GRE/TOEFL scores, recommendations, the waitlist, layoffs/unemployment, and other application elements
  • Notable professors and social/community events

As of 2015–2016, we have added special year-over-year tables of rankings, class profile statistics, and top industries for each program to better illuminate certain trends and characteristics.

*Some variation may exist when a school’s MBA program does not have strong offerings in an area listed.

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