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Selecting Your Target MBA Program eBook


Selecting Your Target MBA Program eBook

Attending business school is a huge investment—of time, emotion, energy, money—and the experience will undoubtedly change your life, both professionally and personally. So you owe it to yourself to dedicate the necessary effort to determine which program(s) will best fulfill your specific needs.

This guide is intended to help you fully evaluate the relevant elements of the different MBA programs to better ensure your final choice will provide the atmosphere, training, lifestyle, resources and support that fit your particular personality, needs and goals.

This guide helps you understand how each of the following factors should influence you in choosing a target business school:

  • Location
  • Size and character of classes and student body
  • Core curriculum
  • Predominant teaching method
  • What a school is "known" for
  • Alumni base and involvement
  • Facilities
  • Reputation
  • Length of the program

Download our free Selecting Your Target MBA Program eBook and find out which business school is right for you!

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