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mbaMission Letters of Recommendation Guide


mbaMission Letters of Recommendation Guide

Applying for an MBA program can be a complicated process. You need a strong resume, a solid GPA from your undergraduate program, high standardized test scores, and well-written application essays. Another aspect of applying, one that is sometimes overlooked, is your letters of recommendation.

Recommendation letters are an incredibly valuable part of the MBA application process because they provide the only outside information the admissions committee receives about a candidate. You can largely control the impression you make on the admissions committee by carefully curating the information you include in your application and how you present it, but you have much less control of what is said (and not said) in your recommendations. 

Therefore, choosing your recommenders wisely and educating them about their responsibilities is an important step in the application process. In this two-part guide, we first address what you, the MBA applicant, can do to ensure your recommendations are as strong and as representative as possible and, second, what your recommenders can do. We also provide a full and illustrative example of an MBA recommendation letter based on the questions asked by the majority of top MBA programs in recent years. We hope that after reading Part I of the guide thoroughly, you will share Part II with the people you ask to write your recommendation letters. Many recommenders do not know where to start, so by providing them with detailed guidance and examples will help you maximize the effect of these important elements of your application. 

Most likely, some or all of the following questions will come to mind as you consider your MBA recommendation letters:

  • Can I write my letters of recommendation myself?
  • Who should write my letters?
  • Who should not write my letters?
  • How can I ensure my recommenders will write effective letters on my behalf?
  • How can I ensure my recommendations are completed on time?

The mbaMission Letters of Recommendation Guide will help reduce the stress of choosing, approaching, and managing your recommenders by answering these questions and more. Download your free copy of this valuable MBA guide today.  

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