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mbaMission Fundamentals of an MBA Candidacy Guide


mbaMission Fundamentals of an MBA Candidacy Guide

As you contemplate the strength of your MBA candidacy, several questions will no doubt arise: “Are my grades good enough? What is a strong GMAT score? How much work experience do I need?” Before you begin working on your applications, you first need to understand the components of your profile. By considering these questions well in advance of your application year, you will be able to outline the steps you must take to become a competitive candidate, reduce your potential for disappointment and simplify the task of applying to business school.

The mbaMission Fundamentals of an MBA Candidacy Guide introduces you to the core aspects of your profile that the admissions committees will be evaluating, including your GMAT/GRE score and GPA, your professional experience, your community activities, your personal profile and your fit with your target programs and then walks you through the components of a typical business school application.

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