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Harvard Business School Interview Guide


Harvard Business School Interview Guide

HBS Interview Guide

Many MBA applicants find admissions interviews stressful and intimidating, but mastering this important element of the application process is definitely possible—the key is informed preparation. To spur you along on your way to this high level of readiness, we at mbaMission offer our free Interview Guides! 

The Harvard Business School (HBS) Interview Guide provides applicants with insight on the role of the interview in the school’s selection process, what to expect when interviewing with HBS, and how to approach the required Post-Interview Reflection.

In creating the HBS interview guide, we have drawn on our extensive communications with HBS MBA students, alumni, and admissions officers, in addition to our vast library of interview reports submitted by mbaMission clients who have interviewed with HBS. Our Harvard Business School Interview Guide provides the following:

  • Insight into what the HBS Admissions Office is evaluating and hoping to gain from the interview
  • An explanation of HBS’s approach to interviewing (self-scheduled or invite-only, blind versus comprehensive, etc.)
  • Past applicants’ firsthand accounts of their HBS interview experience and multiple sample HBS interview questions
  • Tips on preparing for and responding to questions that most typically vex applicants
  • Guidance on formulating compelling questions of your own

    Download your free copy of our HBS Interview Guide today!

    Harvard MBA Interview Prep

    Interested in one-on-one help preparing for your HBS interview? mbaMission's Devi Vallabhaneni, a Harvard Business School graduate and former HBS MBA interviewer, has more than 20 years of experience in MBA admissions and readiness. She has conducted thousands of real and mock HBS interviews with candidates across all industries, geographies, backgrounds, and personal stories. As mbaMission’s Managing Director and HBS Interviewer in Residence, she offers candidates the opportunity to prepare for their Harvard Business School interview via live HBS Intensive Interview Simulations.

    Our Senior Consultants and Managing Directors also offer Harvard MBA interview prep sessions through our HBS Mock Interview and Post-Interview Reflection Support service. Via Q&A, feedback, and thorough response planning, we will help you improve the content of your answers, your time management skills, and your overall presentation. As part of our targeted HBS interview package, an mbaMission advisor will help you strategize your approach to the HBS Post-Interview Reflection as well.

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