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mbaMission Essay Writing Guide


mbaMission Essay Writing Guide

The mbaMission MBA Essay Writing Guide presents clear and easy-to-understand instructions for creating time-saving (and stress-reducing) outlines and for crafting comprehensive, engaging and effective MBA application essays.

Outlines for MBA Essays

Think of your outline as a roadmap, one that guides you from the beginning of your story to the end, noting each important milestone along the way. Effective outlines are informal and allow you to capture key points of each “story” you plan to tell. In our Essay Writing Guide, we break down what you should and should not include in your outlines, how to outline unconventional essays, and give examples of effective MBA essay outlines.

Writing Effective MBA Application Essays

It is important to know that your MBA application essays are not a chance to “prove” a theory, but instead you are trying to present a story that shows who you are and what you have experienced. Focus on writing a narrative using the first person with simple, straightforward language. Embrace the conflict and be sure to grab the attention of the reader with a strong opening.

MBA Essay Samples

The mbaMission Essay Writing Guide includes numerous sample essays and excerpts, plus our notes and commentary to help you along the way.

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