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Coming Again in 2016!

How to Construct a Standout Business School Application

Introducing the best kept secret in admissions consulting—the only MBA application writing course led by veteran mbaMission Senior Consultants that covers all aspects of the application process!

You will receive seven hours of live instruction and two hours of recorded instruction, plus direct review of your work and 30 minutes of one-on-one time with your instructor

In one easy weekend day, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a compelling MBA application that reveals your unique character and will inspire the admissions committee to grant you that coveted letter of acceptance. In a classroom workshop environment, you will brainstorm for unique ideas, practice the techniques of effective storytelling and resume construction and learn how to structure and draft your essays for your target school. You will also get a head start on your recommendations and interviews via two additional hours of recorded content and develop a process for completing the rest of your applications. This class is designed to jump-start your application process and get you headed in the right direction. Throughout the course, you will benefit from direct feedback from both the instructor and your classmates. And after the formal instruction is complete, you will have one half hour of one-on-one coaching from your instructor on some of the specific work you developed during class.

Expected Outcomes

In this course, you will accomplish the following, all with direct feedback from your instructor and your peers:

  • Understand how the admissions committees view candidate essays
  • Learn to identify the characteristics of a great essay and avoid common pitfalls
  • Dig deep into your past experiences to uncover your most compelling stories
  • Begin constructing your essays/resume for one target school
  • Benefit from the workshop leader’s deep subject matter expertise on the MBA admissions process and top programs
  • Implement your learnings from class on two specific parts of the application of your choosing

What others are saying about our Application Boot Camp

The experience was invaluable, and in my opinion, it is every bit as important as taking a GMAT prep class…5-stars. Bite the bullet, pony up the cash, and don’t look back.

Mac D.

I would say that this class has changed the way I viewed writing a grad school essay. It’s a must for anyone wanting direction on grad school essays.”

Paul K.

This has to be one of the best values out there in terms of MBA application consulting. You will see a huge improvement in such a short amount of time and will feel much more comfortable with continuing the process...It was a truly great experience that made all the difference.

GMAT Club Reviewer

Now that I’ve started writing essays and have a much clearer idea of what the AdCom is looking for, I am much less overwhelmed by the whole process.

Christine L.

This class has been a self-discovery experience! The class got me to think about aspects of my life and personality outside the professional framework I was always accustomed to…GO FOR IT!

Latif B.

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