Services: Get a Job You Love Career Coaching Package

Give yourself the best shot at identifying and obtaining your ideal job! Through our five-stage process, we will work together, as partners, to help you get a job you love.

1. Master Your Professional Narrative

By diving deeply into your professional and personal history, we will get a profound sense of your goals and motivations. Our proprietary mbaMission Career Coaches Values Inventory (a compendium of the crucial personal and professional moments that define your life and values) and the Harvard Business School–designed CareerLeader self-assessment are the key exploratory tools we will use to identify your ideal professional track.

You and your coach will work together to create your Personal Executive Summary, which is an articulation of your best stories and the values that guide you both professionally and personally. We will help you define the key messages for your Personal Executive Summary, which you will leverage throughout your job search.

2. Master Your Written Communications

To conduct a successful job search, you need a targeted resume, a goal-oriented LinkedIn profile and tightly crafted cover letters that grab the attention of your specific audience. After providing you with guidelines and sample documents, you will create your own written communications. Then, we will review and help you refine them to ensure they stand out among competing applications for your desired position.

3. Master Your Network

Most people dread networking, but we have a simple plan that should make it much more enjoyable and effective! First, we will show you how to leverage your personal, professional, and educational networks via our proprietary 30 On My Side process. Therein, we will ensure that you identify a group of 30 influencers and give them simple action items, ultimately leveraging them to connect with those involved in hiring for positions of interest to you.

We will develop your Networking Playbook and practice your networking opener and elevator pitch for casual meetings as well as your goals statement and “ask” for informational interviews.

Too many people activate a network and then let it lapse. As part of our process to help you solidify connections, we will ensure that you review your progress, overcome roadblocks, and craft effective thank you and follow-up emails.

4. Master Your Interviews

Telling your story clearly and succinctly and making yourself part of your future company’s success narrative is crucial. We will engage you in storytelling training, translating your top stories into compelling content for interviews.

We will conduct mock interviews with you, ensuring that your body language and verbal communication complement your compelling personal and professional narrative.

Additionally, interviewers in many industries ask specific technical questions and conduct case interviews; therefore, you must prepare accordingly. We have the expertise to test you on these specialized topics and ensure that you develop confidence before facing what is often the most stressful part of the interview process.

5. Maximize the Offer (and Close!)

A job offer encompasses a lot of moving parts—signing bonuses, moving expenses, tuition reimbursements, vacations, health benefits, retirement contributions, and more! We will discuss strategies to help you engage in a thoughtful negotiation. We take great pride in helping our clients get the job they want—but by training you to negotiate effectively, we may also pay for our services!