Services: Career Action Plan

Whether you have already gained admission to your target MBA program or are still trying to choose the right school for you, making the most of your pre-MBA time for professional development is crucial to your long-term career interests. Too many applicants forget that “getting in” is not the true final destination on the MBA journey. Our experience has shown that many aspiring MBAs arrive on campus and feel overwhelmed by the speed and intensity of recruiting—especially the need to commit to an internship recruiting “track” and position oneself for success within it almost immediately. Our one-of-a-kind MBA Career Action Plan will ensure that you are ready from day one:

  • First, you will complete a short but comprehensive survey, which your Career Coach will use to assess your current level of job readiness.
  • Then, during your 30-minute consultation with your coach, he or she will outline concrete steps you can take in five different areas to help turn your aspirations into concrete job offers.
  • Finally, your Career Coach will provide a robust follow-up report to ensure you are prepared to take action in these areas.