Services: Strengthen Your Pre-MBA Career Coaching Package

Actively and effectively managing your career is critical to ultimately being accepted at your target MBA program and to excelling professionally in the long term. However, many people who plan to pursue an MBA in the future are unsure how to best position themselves now to ensure a successful application and recruiting experience. This process starts by understanding that “career” in this context extends beyond your professional life to include your community involvement and personal activities and interests. Our four-stage Pre-MBA Prep Engagement service is designed to help you become the strongest candidate you can be on all levels, preparing you not only for the competitive world of MBA admissions but also for the challenges of MBA recruiting.

1. Mine Your Personal and Professional Life to Identify Opportunities

Starting with a thorough exploration of your professional and personal history, we will develop a profound understanding of your goals and motivations. We use our proprietary Values Inventory—which allows us to catalog the key personal and professional moments that have defined your life and values thus far—and the Harvard Business School–designed Career Leader self-assessment to help you identify your ideal career path.

Together, you and your coach will create your Personal Executive Summary—which outlines your personal and professional values as well as your strongest stories—to determine and clarify your primary messages about advancing or transitioning in your career. These messages will ultimately define the tone and approach you will use in your MBA application.

2. Build Your MBA Road Map

Leveraging the information collected and refined in stage one, you and your coach will measure the different elements of your candidacy against those of elite MBA applicants and evaluate them with regard to what business schools seek in candidates:

  • Quantitative and analytical aptitude as demonstrated by your GPA, GMAT score, and work experience
  • Career leadership as determined by your career trajectory and track record of success
  • Community engagement and the other aspects of your life that make you unique 

Your coach will then help you understand your existing strengths and developmental needs in these three areas, and together, you will create a road map to help you pinpoint and maximize your professional, personal, and community growth opportunities.

3. Track Your Progress

Via periodic check-in calls (up to four calls during your engagement), you and your coach will track your progress and troubleshoot your efforts to advance your career, as outlined in your MBA road map. Your coach will provide input and encouragement along the way to ensure you stay focused and take the necessary actions to get ahead.

4. Get a Jump on MBA Internship Recruiting

Stage four begins once you have been accepted to your target MBA program and focuses on preparing you to make the most of recruiting from your first day of business school. First, you will complete a short but comprehensive survey that your coach will use to assess your level of job readiness. Then, during a 30-minute phone consultation, your coach will outline concrete steps you can take in five different areas to help turn your career aspirations into real job offers. Finally, your coach will provide a robust follow-up report to ensure you are prepared to take action in these areas.