Services: Be a Star Performer Career Coaching Package

Once you receive and accept an employment offer, your first and most important step is to position yourself for early success on the job. By cultivating a deep understanding of the expectations of your new role, your own strengths and areas for development, and the key relationships you will need to create to succeed on the job, you will ensure that you can hit the ground running and establish yourself as a top performer. In this highly tailored engagement, which is designed to be completed in less than one month, you will work with your coach through three key steps:

1. Navigating Expectations and Demands

Based on the specific information you obtain from your employer about the role, including your job description and performance review benchmarks, you will conduct a detailed self-assessment against key success criteria. In this stage, your coach will act as your management consultant to help you work through a personal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis for your new position.

2. Performance Game Plan

Your coach will help you leverage your key “spikes” (i.e., areas of comparative advantage) so that you can make an immediate contribution at your firm. Next, you will set important relationship-building goals so that you can, from day one, start identifying mentors (i.e., people who give you career and performance advice) and champions (i.e., people who sponsor your advancement within the firm). Of course, you have weaknesses, too, and your coach will help you target areas for development.

3. Continuous Self Improvement

After revisiting your professional narrative, key stories, strengths, weaknesses, and values, your coach will give you a framework you can use to periodically assess yourself against your growth objectives, enabling you to continue rapid advancement throughout your career. This last step will ensure that you can carry all the skills you developed while working with your coach into every subsequent role you attain in your career.